Basic Facts about Feeding Your Kitten Healthy Food

Kittens need the right environment and care to grow up strong and healthy in Jacksonville. A significant part of that includes their diet – the right food supports healthy growth and development, a strong immune system, and optimum muscle and joint health. Sadly, too...

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Is a Shih Tzu a Good Family Dog?

Considering a Shih Tzu as a new member of the family? These puppies are known for being sweet and happy with a proud personality. In terms of dogs that are the same size, the Shih Tzu is also known for being less prone to yapping and less demanding overall than other...

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4 Great Things about Hiring a Dog Walking Service

Traffic, deadlines and late nights at the office all have one thing in common—they keep you from getting home on time every day. If you’ve got a dog, you know just how problematic this can be. If you always try to clock out on time, say no to dinner invites more than...

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Opening a Dog Daycare Franchise in Pennsylvania

I love dogs. Dogs provide people with unconditional love and without our furry friends, many of us would lead far emptier lives. My interest in dogs led me to briefly pursue a career in veterinary medicine, and later led to my opening a small pet store in my home...

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The Best Dog Day Care in Pennsylvania

Your dog misses you while you are at work, busy with all your human affairs. Some dogs sit sadly and quietly alone, waiting with bated breath for you to return and give them love, affection, attention, and of course, food. Other dogs cannot handle being alone so well,...

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New York Dog Walking: Benefits of Walking Your Pet

Different breeds of dogs require different levels of exercise on a daily basis. Certain breeds, such as the poodle and the pug, don’t require much exercise at all. These are known as apartment dogs, because they just lounge around the house and don’t need much space....

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Modifying Unwanted Behavior in your Dog

Dogs are like children in so many ways, they are curious and playful, and they sometimes like to push the limits and see just how far they can go before being corrected. Their very nature leads them to search out new smells and sounds, which could end up causing them...

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