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A Child’s First Eye Exam

As a new parent, you might be wondering when your child should have their first eye exam and what to expect from that process. Since clear vision will be important to your child’s health and development, you are right to stay on track with regular eye exams for your...

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The Popularity Of Eyelid Plastic Surgery

In 2014, statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) stated that eyelid plastic surgery in the United States numbered 206,509. Although this was a decrease of 4 per cent over the previous year, it still placed eyelid surgery in the top five....

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Routine Eye Exam: You’re Missing Out

There are many aspects of your health that you’re likely taking care of. You visit your doctor, your dentist, and maybe even your chiropractic on a regular basis, and rightly so. But, one professional exam that you’re overlooking is your routine eye exam. A routine...

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Preparing For Eyelid Surgery

If you decide to undergo any form of eyelid surgery, there are many factors to consider. Talk to your doctor in Grand Rapids about the procedure and all it entails. Know well in advance the risks and how to reduce if not eliminate them. By doing so, you are able to...

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Eyeglasses: Practical And Stylish

At one time, wearing eyeglasses as a child or even an adult would earn you the least pleasant of nicknames. As well, having them did nothing to recommend you to the other sex, according to the past wisdom of those who lived in Grand Rapids. Bolstered by the messages...

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