A Child’s First Eye Exam

As a new parent, you might be wondering when your child should have their first eye exam and what to expect from that process. Since clear vision will be important to your child’s health and development, you are right to stay on track with regular eye exams for your child beginning at three months of age. This first exam will most likely be conducted by your child’s pediatrician during a regularly scheduled visit. Your child’s doctor will be checking for signs that the muscles that control the eyes’ movements are working properly.

If there is a history of eye conditions in your family, you’ll want to advise your child’s pediatrician since many eye problems are hereditary. These problems, if diagnosed early, can be properly managed by an eye doctor who provides children’s eye exam in Grand Rapids. The chances of correcting eye problems are best when the treatments can begin as early as possible. Some eye muscle problems, if left uncorrected, can cause permanent loss of vision.

As a parent, when you spend time with your child, you also want to pay attention to the things that your child can see without difficulty. More importantly, take note of any instances when you child appears to be struggling or unable to focus or see clearly. If this occurs, contact your child’s doctor for a professional evaluation.

If your child’s doctor notices any abnormalities in the function of your child’s eye muscles, they will recommend that your child visit an eye doctor for a more thorough exam. The eye doctor can ascertain the best method for treatment, which may be monitored eye patch application to strengthen the weak eye’s muscles or, in some cases, surgery to correct misalignment. Children’s eye exam in Grand Rapids is available for the entire range of pediatric eye care services that you may need for your child.

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