What to Look for in an Outdoor Event Space

New Jersey’s gorgeous seasonal weather makes outdoor event spaces a logical choice, whether you are planning a picnic or a formal event. Of course, not all outdoor event spaces are created equal. Black Bear Lake prides itself on offering one of the state’s best...

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Summer Camp is All About Having Fun

During the school year, kids work hard and are sometimes often under a lot of pressure to do their homework, improve their grades, and participate in extracurricular activities. During the summer, they need to go back to just being kids again. That’s why summer camp...

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Why Cooking Classes For Kids Are Good For Everyone

Have you ever thought about enrolling your child in cooking classes? For kids, this can be not only fun but also a learning experience. In fact, cooking classes for kids can be beneficial for everyone in the family. It can help in ways that many parents in Deerfield...

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