Month: December 2016

Make an Oil Investment by Owning an Oil Well

Investing and making money from oil used to be possible only for the privileged few in our society. However, the tables have turned and new resources have made it possible for any US citizen to invest in shares or even owning an oil well. In Texas, 11 percent of the...

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Repainting Furniture: The Do’s And Don’ts

For some of us, there I something inherently fun about crafting. Whether it's taking nothing and creating something or just repurposing the old into the new, a good DIY project can add a sense of accomplishment to interior decorating. But there's a world of difference...

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What Do Crowd Control Barriers Do?

Crowd control barriers are a normal part of public events that many people rarely think about. They come in a wide variety of forms and many event and venue organizers use them for multiple purposes. However, many are unclear as to what those barriers actually do and...

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