Save Money and Buy a Loose Diamond in NYC

The cost of diamonds doesn’t have to be out of your price range. You can get what you want and pay a lower price. Yet you don’t have to compromise the overall clarity or value of the items either. When they are loose, you can create what you want with them. This is a...

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Choosing Diamond Rings Before the Wedding

"Spend two months' pay on a ring" is commonly-heard advice, and some people take it as sacred law. However, the advice stems from an impressive marketing campaign by the De Beers diamond company. There are Platinum & Gold Jewelry options to fit any couple's...

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Tips for Using a Scrap Gold Buyer in Rome

If you have broken gold jewelry or pieces you no longer wear, you may be interested to know there are buyers who are willing to pay you top dollar for your scrap gold. Since there are many buyers out there, it is important you know as much as possible about the...

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The Significance of a Three Diamond Ring

The three diamond ring is extremely flexible in terms of the meaning that they are able to convey. They can be used to signify a loving relationship that has lasted a lifetime, as well as be perfect for anniversaries. There is no question that diamonds are revered for...

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