Save Money and Buy a Loose Diamond in NYC

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Jewelry

The cost of diamonds doesn’t have to be out of your price range. You can get what you want and pay a lower price. Yet you don’t have to compromise the overall clarity or value of the items either. When they are loose, you can create what you want with them. This is a great way to buy and save money with the outcome being in your favor.

Shop Around

When it comes to being able to buy a loose diamond in NYC, there are plenty of places to check out. Don’t be in a rush to buy from the only place you visit. Go to several locations so you can see what is offered. Compare the diamonds and the prices before you make up your mind. That will ensure you feel confident about your purchase rather than having any regrets down the road.

Think about the type of cut you want for your diamonds too. You may be looking for round, square, or teardrop. If you aren’t sure, ask to see a variety and you will soon discover one of them seems to be more attractive to you than the others are. You will find various sizes of diamonds too. You may want a bigger one for a center stone and then several smaller ones to accent the overall design of the ring or necklace.


The value should be provided when you buy a loose diamond items so don’t purchase without that information. An appraisal should accompany them so you are able to verify the price if you decide to sell them. When you put them in a ring or other setting, you need to have documentation of that value too. This will allow you to insure the total value of the item rather than just a portion of it. Make sure what you buy is worth it and they should be valued at the same or more than what you pay for them.

Fun for Couples

Many couples find it is fun to buy a loose diamond items and to create their own wedding ring set from them. They save money doing so and get exactly what they are looking for. They also get to spend time together looking through the diamonds and being able to pick the settings for them to be placed into. It is an experience that allows them to bond and makes the impending wedding even more exciting for them.

They will treasure those rings not only because of what they symbolize but the process they went through together to create them. This is also a way for couples to get the rings they want but to make sure they don’t exceed their budget in the process.

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