The Significance of a Three Diamond Ring

The three diamond ring is extremely flexible in terms of the meaning that they are able to convey. They can be used to signify a loving relationship that has lasted a lifetime, as well as be perfect for anniversaries. There is no question that diamonds are revered for being the hardest and most durable substance in the world. When they are selected for an engagement ring, they are a great alternative to the more traditional solitaire option.

The three diamond ring is also referred to as trinity rings or trilogy rings, and they are popular for both anniversary and engagement rings. These are also a smart option for new fathers to give to the mother of their baby, with the stone in the center representing the child, and the parents on either size.

The Concept of Past, Present and Future

The three diamond ring also represents the concept of past, present and future. It can be given any time during a couple’s relationship, and represents these three time entities. Another common way that this ring is used is as a representation of the Holy Trinity. The diamonds that are placed in the setting are there to depict the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost. There are a number of different meanings that can be attributed to these rings and the ones listed here are just a few of the most common uses.

Alternative Stones

Another option that you can consider for this ring, is an alternative to a diamond. This can include a semi-precious or precious stone, such as diamond and sapphire combinations. There are a number of different combinations that you can consider, including using the birthstone of each child or something that is important in your life or the life of the wearer of the ring.

Equally or Different Sized Diamonds?

An important consideration for three diamond rings is how you want the carat weight of the stones distributed. For example, in most cases these rings will have different sized diamonds. However, a unique way to create a three diamond ring is by dividing the entire carat weight for the ring evenly between the three diamonds. This can help to create an extremely different type of look. This is an important type of consideration that you will have to make when you are considering purchasing a three diamond ring, no matter the reason that you are making the purchase.

When you are purchasing a ring that features three different diamonds, you need to also consider the setting that you will use. There are a number of options that will work well, which is why you should talk with a jeweler if you are unsure what you should choose.

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