Preparing For Eyelid Surgery

If you decide to undergo any form of eyelid surgery, there are many factors to consider. Talk to your doctor in Grand Rapids about the procedure and all it entails. Know well in advance the risks and how to reduce if not eliminate them. By doing so, you are able to help influence the overall positive outcome of such procedures.

Before Eyelid Surgery

Before you actually approach a doctor for eyelid surgery, investigate the process online. Research the procedure thoroughly. After you have at least a basic idea of what is involved, arrange through your doctor to talk to a professional ophthalmologist in Grand Rapids about your concerns and issues. He or she will talk to you about your:

* Medical History: The ophthalmologist will ask you questions about your medical history. He or she will want to know whether you have ever had surgery. What kinds of surgical procedures you have undergone and when. Although the focus will be on those that relate specifically to your eyes, it is very important the doctors have a clear idea of your overall health.
* Medications: Along with knowing about surgical procedures and general conditions, your doctor will want to know whether you are taking vitamins, supplements and/or painkillers. He or she will need to know what types, why and how frequent. This will include any prescribed and over-the-counter drugs as well as herbal remedies and supplements.
* Habits: Your doctor will want to know other factors of your life, including habits that may influence your eyelid surgery. This includes questions concerning smoking, drinking and other related habits

* Expectations: You need to be honest with your doctor about what you expect from the surgery. In turn, your doctor should provide you with a realistic look at what will occur.

This is not the only thing to occur prior to your eyelid surgery. Pre-surgery involves more than a discussion. You will also have to undergo both a physical and a vision examination. Furthermore, your doctor in Grand Rapids will photograph your eyelid or eyelids. The photographs will act as a visual aid for the doctor. They can help him or her in planning the approach, the specific method and even may act as viable support material in an insurance claim.

Eyelid Surgery

Before you decide on this type of surgery, do your research. Talk to your doctor and an ophthalmologist in Grand Rapids about what is involved and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. If everyone agrees, you can then proceed to arrange for your eyelid surgery knowing you have considered your options and everything this entails, first.

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