Toss Those Glasses In The Trash With Vision Correction Surgery In Colorado Springs CO

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Are you tired of purchasing new glasses because yours are lost, broken or your vision changed? Vision Correction Surgery in Colorado Spring CO will allow you to toss your glasses in the trash. Laser surgery can correct your vision safely. There is no risk of infection from laser eye surgery.

Vision correction surgery in Colorado Springs CO area can fix such vision problems as retinal tears or holes, diabetic retinopathy and Macular degeneration. This type of surgery is performed in an outpatient setting which means you can home the same day. If you have sudden flashes of light or specks in your vision, this is usually a sign that you have a retinal tear. This can be repaired easily if treated early before the retina completely detaches. If your retina does detach, Vision Correction Surgery can help to repair the detachment.

Macular degeneration can be corrected if you have “wet” Macular degeneration. The laser can seal the blood vessels to limit further damage. If you have “dry” Macular degeneration, laser surgery is no able to correct your vision. Diabetic retinopathy can be treated with laser surgery to seal leaking blood vessels to limit further vision loss. It can also slow or stop any growth of blood vessels that become abnormal.

There is a new procedure of laser surgery for the eye that can correct even more vision problems. The new technique reads your optical system and can transfers your readings into the laser. It is customized for each patient. It can even correct vision problems with full or partial astigmatism. It also is the first treatment to be approved by the FDA for higher order aberrations. These occur in 10%-15% of the population.

Laser vision correction can fix so many vision problems, that you are probably one of the people who can toss your glasses away forever. Depending on your eye and vision condition, there is probably a laser procedure that can correct your vision problems. A thoroughly trained eye surgeon can discuss your option after examining your eye. You can have clearer vision in a short amount of time without placing glasses on your face ever again.

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