Basic Facts about Feeding Your Kitten Healthy Food

Kittens need the right environment and care to grow up strong and healthy in Jacksonville. A significant part of that includes their diet – the right food supports healthy growth and development, a strong immune system, and optimum muscle and joint health. Sadly, too many kittens are fed generic, mass-produced food because it costs less. The problem is that these foods contain many ingredients that cats not only don’t need, but that could be harmful to them in the long run. A high-quality option like Earthborn cat food is a much better choice.

No Grains

Grains are used in almost all pet foods today. They are used as bulking agents, and as sources of protein (plant-based protein). However, cats are carnivores and need very little plant-derived material in their diet. Feeding a kitten a cat food that includes a significant portion of grains, whether that’s corn, oats, wheat or something else, could cause them developmental harm. Earthborn cat food is available in formulations with no grains at all, whether used as binders, fillers or protein sources.

High-Quality Protein Is Important

Cats are true carnivores, unlike dogs, which are actually omnivores (as are humans). As such, cats are adapted to eating actual meat, and meat from high-quality sources. Cats are predators, and in the wild, they sit near the top of the food chain. As such, they were not evolutionarily adapted to being scavengers. You need to ensure that you’re feeding your cat food that includes protein from high-quality sources, such as wild-caught salmon and whitefish, or from turkey and chicken such as what you’ll find in Earthborn cat food.

Plant Material

While cats are true carnivores, they do need trace amounts of plant material in their diet. This is needed for bulk (fiber) and for overall nutrition. However, the source of this plant material is important for your kitten’s health. Look for foods sold in Jacksonville or through a high-quality online retailer that include specially chosen fruits and vegetables that deliver the nutrition your kitten needs, but few rich carbohydrates that they do not. A diet rich in carbs will lead to excess weight, which can cause diabetes, inflammation, joint pain and other harmful conditions as your kitten ages.

Earthborn cat food offers the right nutrition and includes only high-quality protein and vegetables and fruit to ensure that your kitten has exactly what’s needed for strong growth and development. Choose from three different formulations to give your cat the diet they’re evolutionarily designed to consume.

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