What Does Alligator Meat Taste Like?

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Food

The first question that most people ask when the topic of alligator meat comes up is “what does it taste like?” This answer is more complicated to answer than you might think. However, we’ll answer this question for you, along with many others related to consumption of alligator. By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to find alligator tail meat for sale to try yourself.

So, What Does Alligator Taste Like?
You may have heard that alligator tastes like chicken. This is true, but it’s a bit more nuanced than that. When alligator tail has been cooked and is being served, you can expect a taste that is similar to the dark meat of a chicken. You’ll also note faint hints of fishiness to the taste. The meat itself can be quite tender and juicy, perfect for any meat lover out there.

How Is Alligator Served?
The most common part of the alligator to devour is the tail, which includes the tenderloin. The tail of an alligator can be pounded down to reach a level of tenderness befitting delicacies like veal. It’s a white meat that is mild and requires next to no seasoning to hit the spot. Marinades can amp up the flavor for those who prefer it, though.

What Types of Alligator Meat Are Available?
Alligator tail meat for sale is often portioned into fillets or steaks. The meat is also often on the menu as an appetizer. Many times, it will be fried and seasoned with some sort of delicious sauce incorporated. This is the most common option for large crowds as the flavor and texture is similar to foods many are already familiar with.

Alligator body and legs can also be consumed and consist of more gamey and tougher meat. You may see alligator legs served under the designator of “alligator wings.” In many cases, these are fried and served up with a spicy sauce, much like chicken wings. This meat can also be mixed with other meats to make unique sausages.

Where Can I Find Alligator Tail Meat for Sale?
Alligator meat is a healthy option that pairs well with the seasonings of the south. Louisiana Crawfish Co. provides farm-fresh, pesticide-free alligator meat ranging from steaks to tenderloins and even nuggets. To find out more or make an order, you can reach us at 800-221-8060.

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