Sausage History Facts

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Food

The sausage: That most historic of meaty foods, which has existed on the human dinner plate for hundreds of years. Over the years, this interesting dish has developed quite the number of interesting stories, facts, and theories. This article will go over them today, listing off the three most important fun facts about this famous cuisine. So, if you are a lover of sausage in Columbus GA area, here are some fun history facts about sausage, guaranteed to give you a deeper appreciation for the food.

#1. What’s in a name?
The source of the word sausage, like a lot of things in the English language, derives from Latin. Specifically, the word salsisium, which means “something that has been salted”.

#2. History
Sausages pre-date the English language, and even Ancient Greek and Rome. In fact, the origin of sausage as a food product can be traced back all the way to ancient Sumerian, which is over 5,000 years ago. During the Roman Empire, sausage would be made from fresh pork mixed with cumin seeds, white pine nuts, black pepper and bay leaves, all chopped up into fine chunks before mixed in with the meat. Until around 320 AD, however, when Emperor Constantine I declared eating sausage to be a sin. This drove sausage traders north to what would eventually become Britain, where the food remains a popular dish to this day.

#3. Other facts
This part is for smaller, more miscellaneous facts. For instance, the reason sausages and mashed potatoes are called “bangers and mash” is because in WWII, sausages were a very popular food among British soldiers. However, their capacity to hold high amounts of water (which they would take advantage of because of the lack of other ingredients) meant that sausage was liable to explode in the pan when the fire turned the water into steam. There are countless recipes and flavors for sausage in Britain alone.

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