Garage Door Replacements in Charleston, WV Increase Home Values and Curb Appeal

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Garage

In most cases, homeowners will delay replacing an aging garage door until there is no other option available. That’s perfectly understandable, as the costs involved can be significant. However, real estate experts generally encourage property owners to consider replacing older doors that appear dated or don’t match the home’s look. Garage Door Replacements in Charleston WV can greatly enhance a home’s curb appeal, suggesting anyone considering selling a home should consider updating now.

Styles Change

Even though a garage door may have been considered stylish when a home was built, styles are constantly evolving, meaning that old door may no longer be considered attractive. While there are ways to update the look of an existing door without replacing it, most home improvement professionals will suggest considering one of the many garage door options now readily available from Charleston area door suppliers.

Take Advantage of Energy-Efficient Options

The majority of older garage doors are not insulated. While the climate in the Charleston area certainly doesn’t get extremely cold, uninsulated garage areas don’t lend themselves to uses other than vehicle storage. Since homeowners routinely use garage spaces for shop areas and hobbies, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year is important. New, insulated Garage Door Replacements in Charleston WV make it far easier for residents to heat or cool garage areas as needed. If you’re unsure of the value of an insulated garage door, discuss the option with a door professional.

Insist on a Professional Installation

Installing a new garage door is not a DIY project. Properly installing and adjusting a garage door requires a certain level of training and a number of tools homeowners are not likely to have. The springs used to operate the door are under tension and pose a significant threat to anyone not trained to install and adjust them. In addition, installing ancillary equipment like openers should always be left to professionals who understand their operation.

If you’re currently considering a new garage door, it’s always a good idea to discuss the available options with a garage door professional. New steel, fiberglass, and wood options are available in a variety of styles to meet virtually any property owner’s needs. For more information or to obtain a bid for a new door, contact Garage Door Operators Inc. Like us on Facebook.

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