What To Expect During The Application Of Epoxy Floor Coating In Nashville

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Garage

Knowing what to expect from a professional company installing a commercial quality epoxy floor coating is important for the Nashville homeowner. This is also a good understanding to have when comparing different contractors.

By knowing what to expect, and why each step in the process needs to be completed, it is much easier to quickly detect the companies that offer quality control and correct application processes.

Step One: Preparation

Surface preparation is a critical part of the epoxy floor coating process. Without correct surface preparation, the epoxy does not correctly bond with the surface of the concrete, leading to lifting and peeling in a short period of time. Proper surface preparation eliminates this problem.

Surface prep includes grinding the floor to ensure it is clean and to increase the porosity of the concrete. All dust is vacuumed to provide a clean, dust-free surface. Any cracks, dents or imperfections in the surface are also filled and leveled.

Step 2: Primer and Base Coat

With commercial-grade epoxy floor coating, mixing is done on site to match the specific requirements for the floor. The primer and base coat is then applied manually by cutting in around the walls and then applying to the rest of the floor.

The primer is applied in a thin layer, with the base coat applied with a back rolling technique to fill in all slight surface irregularities. The base coat can be any color the homeowner wants, creating a custom look to the floor.

Step 3: Colored Chips

Decorative chips are then hand broadcast onto the flooring to create the desired look. These also come in a range of different colors and they can be used to create the look of granite, terrazzo or quartz flooring.

Step 4: Clear Coat

With a non-slip surface and a beautiful, polished look, the clear coat is the final step in the process. Adding the clear coat to a Nashville garage brings out the color and the design of the floor, making it an excellent addition to any home.

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