What to Know If You Want to Order Fresh Lobster Online

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Food

Buying live lobster is easy when you know how. If you want to cook lobster at home for family and friends, and you’re thinking about buying a pound or two, here’s what you can do to order fresh lobster online.

Check out reliable distributors

Start your buying adventure by checking out reliable distributors for seafood online. Be sure to check out the experience of the company. How long has it been in operation? The longer it’s been around, the better.

Read comments

Look for online reviews about the distributor. Those reviews will inevitably mention details about the company’s services and products as well if you’re lucky. That’s one way to get a better perspective on the company and on whether or not it’s a good idea to engage its services.

Pick a type

There are different types of lobsters. Make sure you’re buying the right one for your feast. Do you want spiny lobsters or Maine lobsters? Spiny lobsters don’t have claws while Maine lobsters have claws and have firmer, sweeter flesh, Serious Eats says. You’ll want to choose the type of lobster you want before you check out buying options. If you haven’t tasted both, though, this is a good time as any to give spiny and Maine lobsters a try. Order a bit of the two, so you can compare the taste and see which one you want. That way, you’ll know what type to buy for your next order.

Look at other options

A lot of distributors also offer a range of other seafood products and options. You’ll want to browse through the selection as well. That way, if you want to stock up on other items, then you can ask for them too when you order fresh lobster online. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

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