Want to Feast on Lobster? 4 Tips for Your Favorite Crustacean

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Food

In the mood for lobster? Read on for handy buying reminders.

Know the different kinds

Before you shell out good money for these tasty crustaceans, you’ll want to find out first what kind of lobsters are available out there. You have your spiny lobsters which come from warm Caribbean waters. If you want to buy tails, then look for a distinct white spotted pattern. Then you get Maine lobsters that come from the cold waters of the Atlantic. These are often sold live. Many prefer this type as it tends to give firmer, sweeter meat, the Serious Eats says. If that’s the kind you want, then you’ll need to scout around for live Maine lobster delivery.

Dead or alive?

Having them shipped alive is the only choice. Seafood tends to spoil much quicker because the bacteria on them are used to colder water temperatures. The case is even direr for lobsters and other shellfish. As soon as they die, their digestive enzymes start eating away at their bodies. That’s why lobsters are usually killed off only when you’re about to serve them.

Is it lively?

If you’re paying for live Maine lobster delivery, make sure you check the behavior of the lobster. Does it lift its claws and move its legs, perhaps raise its tail? That means everything is in order. If the lobster is limp or shows little to no movement, that’s a sign that the lobster isn’t of good quality. Keep that in mind the next time you want to order live lobsters online.

Determine which type

You could choose from hard-shell and soft-shell lobsters. Though if you love Main lobsters for their sweetness, then you’re much more likely to go for soft-shell lobsters because the meat tends to be sweeter, with a less fishy and briny taste.

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