Opening a Dog Daycare Franchise in Pennsylvania

I love dogs. Dogs provide people with unconditional love and without our furry friends, many of us would lead far emptier lives. My interest in dogs led me to briefly pursue a career in veterinary medicine, and later led to my opening a small pet store in my home town. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I worked long days in the corporate sector and my dog was alone all day. I had neighbors take care of her during the day, but knew that was insufficient, especially after the neighbors also confessed that Shayna was barking all day. I had to use dog daycare services, and that was when I found K9. At first I thought K9 would be too expensive for me, but their day care services were more reasonably priced than I thought in spite of the luxury services that the dogs receive. A few months after bringing Shayna to K9, I decided to investigate franchising opportunities and a year later, I started my own dog daycare franchise in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. It was the best decision of my life, and if you take this same path, I’m sure you will feel the same.

When we want to care for a dog but cannot stay home all day, dog daycare provides all the services the dog might need such as exercise, playtime, and affection. I cannot underestimate the importance of the role dog daycare plays in the lives of Pennsylvania residents. Many of us work hard, and we want to come home to a happy pooch. My pooch was so much happier after picking her up from K9 than she was during those long lonely days when I worked and left her with the neighbors. If you start a dog daycare franchise in Pennsylvania too, you will be providing a valuable service to the community.

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