The Best Dog Day Care in Pennsylvania

Your dog misses you while you are at work, busy with all your human affairs. Some dogs sit sadly and quietly alone, waiting with bated breath for you to return and give them love, affection, attention, and of course, food. Other dogs cannot handle being alone so well, and may chew on items around your house, making a mess, or barking loudly and annoying your neighbors. Dog day care offers an ideal option for people who work every day or who must leave home for long periods of time without their dog. Dog day care at all the K9 resorts and luxury hotels includes a cage-free environment for dogs of all sizes. The goal is for dogs to be stimulated during the day instead of home alone, and that stimulation includes social interactions with other canines as well as human beings.

Dog day care is also good for your dog’s health, both psychological and physical. While in the day care environment, dogs will be physically active, whereas at home they may simply sleep and eat all day. The exercise is good for their bodies and their brains, as they will be playing and having fun at dog day care. Dog day care therefore provides pet owners with the peace of mind knowing that they are doing the best for their pooch. The environment is much safer and more reliable than other options some pet owners use, such as relying on neighbors, friends, or family members. While friends and family members might mean well, chances are they are not professional dog service providers like the staff at K9 resorts. That means that friends and family members might play with your dog for a few minutes but cannot provide the level of activity that the dog will receive at the K9 dog day care center, nor the level of supervision. Some dogs will try to escape if their owners are not at home, even if there is another person watching them, so taking your dog to K9 dog day care could be the best decision you make.

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