The Alternatives To A Data Science Degree

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Education & Training

There are a lot of New York businesses that spend months to years looking for the right candidates with a data science degree. The reason these vacancies stay open for so long is there simply are not that many graduates from these programs, and they tend to be recruited early in their educational careers so they aren’t in the job seeker pool.

On the other hand, many of these companies are really not just looking for those with a degree in data science, and they are very willing to consider candidates who have completed our CDAP or Certified Data Analytics Practitioner training. And, just like those graduating from colleges and universities, our students typically complete their intensive 12-week training program and go directly to a job in their area of interest, something we actively work to achieve as soon as you start our program.

The Differences
There are some very important ways that our alternative to a full data science degree can not only advance your career but also improve your options if you are a recent graduate with little real world experience.

Most importantly, our training program is designed and supported by industry leaders and experts in the business field as well as in analytics and big data. Through this collaboration, we are able to tailor the training to just what employers need, giving our students an advantage.

Degree programs, on the other hand, are based in academia and are focused more on theory without the balance of real-world practical applications. Often graduates from these programs, which tend to be Master or MBA programs and not undergraduate programs, will find that actually doing the job includes challenges that our students are prepared to handle.

Building on Current Knowledge
Many of our students are already working professionals in the field of business, data management, IT or other related fields. Through their own past experience and education, they often find areas where they are interested in learning more and specializing within the field of data analytics or big data.

With our faculty and our program, we provide both a broad base as well as the option to focus in on areas of interest for each individual student. We discuss this at the pre-selection interview and we also focus on this when assisting with your job options through our career services department.

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