3 Tips for Creating a Dining Layout

One thing that the best restaurants excel at is transporting the customers to another place and time. Great ambiance and atmosphere are for many an important part of the dining-out experience. That’s why it’s important to make sure everything in your dining room—from the walls and décor to the food and service staff—all come together to provide your customers with an unforgettable experience. Here are a few tips from the Food Service Warehouse to help you out with your dining layout:

  1. Plan your dining room layout. Consider space limitations. Do you want to create separate sections in your restaurant? Or have a long flowing space so you can be more flexible with your seating layout? When it comes to dining area options, there are 3 types of layouts you can choose from. These are

    1. Multiple dining areas. You can divvy up your space into sections that flow into each one. Not all dividers have to be walls. Be creative in your use of furniture pieces.

    2. Open space. A large open dining space is an ideal setup is you want the space to look bigger. Take advantage of all that space by plugging in some music. With an excellent audio environment, your customers are sure to enjoy great sounds with their meals.

    3. Private rooms. Some restaurants have private dining rooms, often ideal for conducting business meetings or accommodating large corporate parties.

  2. Pick the right furniture. What’s your restaurant’s theme? What vibe are you going for? Style? Keep all these in mind when you set out to pick commercial restaurant furniture. Every time you choose one, ask yourself if you can see this furniture blending in with the rest. Creating the perfect atmosphere involves putting the right commercial restaurant furniture in place. While a little experimentation can be great, don’t go overboard as well. Any piece of commercial restaurant furniture that crowds your restaurant too much or makes your guests uneasy should be the first thing to go.

  3. Determine the seating layout. It helps when you visualize the flow of space. Do this by drawing the foot traffic you expect. How much space is comfortable? You don’t want to waste any nor do you want your guests to feel like they’re dining in Sardine City. Also, always have a backup plan in case a large party makes a reservation. To get that in the bag, you’ve got to be able to pull off a party-size seating layout fast.

Follow these 3 handy tips for creating a great dining layout in your restaurant. With excellent food and surroundings, your guests are sure to come back for more.

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