Training Your Cat to Love a Pet Bed

Have you considering buying cat bed furniture for your cat but are afraid he just won’t sleep on it? Maybe your cat likes to sleep in boxes or on top of plastic bags and simply won’t sleep in a traditional cat bed. There are ways in which you can train your cat to sleep in a pet bed which they will at some point, learn to appreciate.

Cat beds come in a number of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Regardless of the type of bed you choose for your cat, you must familiarize him with it and make him feel comfortable by choosing a good location, the correct cat bed, and making it smell like his!

Location of the Cat Bed

If you want to train your cat to sleep in his own bed you must first find the perfect location for the bed to be housed. You will have to take into consideration your cat’s personality and where they currently like to sleep. You will want to start by placing the new bed under a table, behind a curtain, or in another place that is out of the way. If your cat likes sunlight then try putting it close to a window where a lot of sun comes through.

Purchasing a Cat Bed

Once you feel you have a good idea of what your cat’s needs and wants are, you can begin shopping for a pet bed. There are a lot of great places in which to purchase cat bed furniture and CozyDeck is one of them. CozyDeck Pet Beds come in a wide range of styles and colors built to fit any cat personality. You can own a pet bed that looks great and provides comfort and security for your treasured companion. These pet beds are made in the USA, in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area with free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.

Scent of a Cat Bed

When you bring a new cat bed home it is going to smell brand new. A cat has a very acute sense of smell. They are going to want to lay in something that smells familiar. Try to lay a blanket that has a familiar smell inside the bed that will make it more appealing to your cat. You can also put a sweater or another item of clothing inside. If you are looking for high quality furniture for your pet then CozyDeck is the place to start. Visit their website to learn more.

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