Utilizing A Skid Steer Rock Drill

For many types of applications, including drilling through concrete or rock, a skid steer rock drill is the perfect answer. Mounted on a steer skid, this is a versatile option that can expand your drilling options without a lot of additional expense.

It is important, as with any type of attachment, to ensure that the skid steer rock drill you select will mount to your existing equipment. Some companies offer a universal type of system that mounts to any standard skid steer, and since these machines are designed to accept different attachments, this is not typically an issue. However, if you are using unique equipment or if it has been customized, or if you have experienced problems with compatibility with other attachments in the past, be sure to talk to the manufacturer for any customization to the drill that needs to be made.

Drilling Possibilities

Since having the biggest range of possible drilling options is always important, choosing a skid steer rock drill that offers the greatest potential in positioning the drill is a critical factor. Many of these drills are only designed to be used in the vertical position, but there are some out there that can drill at right angles and even fully horizontally.

Having these additional options for drilling provides the true potential for taking on more complicated and complex jobs, and for drilling horizontally into any type of material from soils to rock or concrete. Systems should also offer horizontal up or roof bolting along with the normal or standard horizontal down drilling position.

When the skid steer rock drill can also be mounted on either the right or left side of the machine, your team will have greater flexibility. This makes it easier for the operator and also provides for fewer problems when drilling in small spaces where maneuvering the skid steer can become both a time and operator stress issue on a job.

Operational Ease

Different skid steer rock drill manufacturers may offer different options for operator controls. One of the easiest and most intuitive options to use a joystick that is mounted in the cab and works off of the system’s hydraulics. This can be mounted anywhere that is comfortable and practical for operation, and makes it simple for trained equipment operators to start drilling without a steep learning curve.

Take your time and look at the different options and designs of skid steer rock drill models available. This will allow you to have a better sense of what each manufacturer offers and how versatile the attachment will be for your typical jobs.


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