The Important Skills Your Child Will Learn at Montessori Kindergarten

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Education & Training

Children who have spent time at Montessori preschool will enjoy moving into kindergarten in an environment that is familiar. They will understand the routine, have teachers they have connected with, and will be ready to work toward new heights of knowledge. A child in Montessori kindergarten in Springfield, NJ, will finally be the “big kid” in the classroom and be ready for bigger, better challenges.

Value for Community

Younger Montessori students will have learned basic life skills which are crucial when it comes to serving and caring for the community they live in. Kindergarten students will have responsibilities such as folding napkins for snacks, getting snacks ready, and cleaning up after snack time. This gives the child a chance to understand what helps keep the classroom orderly and neat while participating in those processes, as well.

Journey Toward Reading Comprehension

While preschool students will have learned the sounds and symbols of letters, kindergarteners will begin to move beyond that phase. In addition to building words, which is an excellent foundation for reading, there will be time to work with adjectives, nouns, verbs, and grammar in general. Your child will have the opportunity to write stories and begin to build their ability in cursive handwriting.

Problem Solving Skills

One of the areas where problem-solving is learned is in math. It may begin with learning to count from one to ten, then to 100, up to 1000. Understanding of how decimals work will also be a key concept to help a child build a basis for abstraction. Kindergarten students will experience addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while also memorizing interesting math facts. This is the first step on a journey toward increased problem-solving skills.

Leadership Skills

Academics are an important part of any kindergarten in Springfield, NJ, but there is far more to a Montessori student’s day than that. Students may be asked to serve as leaders and guides for the younger student. This is something that can lead to increased self-confidence, empathy, and enthusiasm for learning. That alone will give your child the chance to succeed in any new situation they encounter in life.

If you are interested in enrolling your kindergarten age child in a school with strong academics but a nurturing environment, Montessori schools are an excellent option. Your child will learn vital emotional and social skills while working at their own pace.

Alpine Montessori is a school in Springfield, NJ, that helps children grow and learn. If you are looking for a passionate staff to guide your child, we’d be happy to provide more information.

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