Selecting The Right Catering Companies For Your Corporate Event

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Food

If you are an executive assistant you understand the meaning of the word “stress.” Every day, you handle potentially stressful situations. You have to schedule meetings, handle incoming phone calls and a mountain of emails. At the same time, you have paperwork to take care of. At all times, the goal is to avoid failure, including for those precarious but much awaited special events. One way to reduce stress and increase the possibility of success in the latter situation is to consider catering companies. By choosing the right one, you have one less thing to worry about.

Corporate Catering

Yet, corporate catering extends beyond a special event. Catering companies today address a wide variety of the dietary needs of companies. In these matters, an executive assistant, talks to catering companies about providing:

  • breakfast for morning meetings,
  • lunch meals, including box lunches,
  • supper meals, or
  • late-night snacks for employees that are working late or for a meeting that is in overtime.
  • The goal is not only making sure everybody is fed what they like, but also that the meal or snacks are served on time. To add further to the potential for disaster is the budget. You have to ensure that the meals do not exceed the designated money.

What to Look for in Catering Companies

As a busy executive assistant, you understand the importance of delegation. You can delegate the basic research on catering companies to your own assistant. Yet, whoever does the research needs to find the answers to specific questions about the capabilities and characteristics of each company. Among the data, should be information on:

Reliability: Does the company deliver on their promise and on time?

Variety: Is the menu varied? Does it offer any options to those with special diets (e.g. vegan, allergy-sensitive, Kosher)? Can it be adjusted to address small or large groups?

Menus: Do they offer only one meal menu (e.g. lunch), or do they provide different menus throughout the day? Do they serve fresh produce in season? Do they source locally?

Longevity: Has the company been in business for several years?

Reputation: What kind of reputation does the company have with other corporations, such as the Better Business Bureau, and catering institutions?

Affordability: Does the catering company have menus that meet the requirements of your budget?

Flexibility: Can the catering companies on the list provide food for small and large groups? Are their menus flexible enough to address the needs of both groups?

Location: Are they a local company?

You need to have the answers to all these questions before you can decide which of the catering companies is best suited to provide the food, beverages and service for your event or meeting.

Catering Companies

It does not matter whether your event is small or large. It can be for staff or as part of a conference. To reduce stress, you should consider hiring a catering company. Since not all catering companies are the same, be certain you thoroughly research each before making a final decision.

Catering companies may come and go, but we, at Chicago Café Caterers have established a reputation for delivering high-quality food and superior service since our founding in 2003. Our staff is well trained, experienced and dependable. Our focus is on supplying your company with what it needs to make its event a special and successful one. To learn more, visit You can also follow them on Twitter.

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