Getting The Right Installer For Your Mansion Doors

Building a custom home requires close collaboration with your contractor, and it also means insisting on the best professionals for each component of the building process. Once you have selected the mansion doors you like for your home, getting the right professional to complete the installation will be the next important step.

In many situations, your general contractor or custom-home developer will have a professional they recommend and use for the installation of mansion doors. However, for your peace of mind, it is helpful to ask for references for the professional or at least have information on the homes he or she has worked on in the past.

Sometimes the homeowner may be required to find an installer for a replacement of their existing mansion doors. If this is the case, you should make sure the hired professional has the experience and expertise in working with the type of door, and any modifications required, for the installation.

Ask About Experience

It is always critical to ask about experience with the installation of pre-hung mansion doors. Some professionals have only worked with standard types of doors, either slab or pre-hung, which is very different than a custom-made double door with sidelights and transom additions.

When asking about experience, be very careful about a professional who seems vague in responses and is not able to give references or specific locations of doors installed. You should also make sure that the professional you are talking to on the phone is the person who will complete the installation.

Cost of Installation

Even with a pre-hung door, installing mansion doors is not a simple task. These doors require additional manpower to safely move, position and level the frame in the rough opening of the home.

The cost of installation will be a factor, but it should not be the primary issues. You will find the top professionals with the experience required to install these types of mansion doors will be fairly competitive in their price and costs. Anyone offering significantly lower prices than the average is either inexperienced in the work involved or it is someone who may not be licensed and insured (critical questions to ask about as well).

You may also want to talk to the company you purchase your mansion doors from about a recommendation for an installer in your area. Sometimes these companies have lists of contractors or service providers that have been recommended by past customers.

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