Why Should You Get Certified?

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Education & Training

When you receive your legal assistant certification, you open up a whole new career path and life for yourself. You can work in a private law firm, for a government agency or even for a judge.  Working as a legal assistant can be a demanding job, but it can also be one of the most exciting jobs you could ever have.  You could be a part of helping people find justice at the worst times in their lives.

Proof of Your Knowledge Base
You will be preparing research and exhibits for a lawyer or a firm in order to bolster a case.  They need to be sure that you have an understanding of the terminology and the types of documents involved when they hire you, particularly in the case of firms who practice a specialized area of law.  Your certification shows that you passed an examination proving your competence and skill in this area.

Preparing Legal Documents
While you may not have to compose legal documents, being able to do so is a skill highly sought by attorneys in their assistants.  When you train as a legal assistant you generally take classes in legal writing.  When you go for an interview, being able to show that proof of certification and being able to speak knowledgably about different types of pleadings can put you ahead of other applicants.

Understanding Technology
Not only do you need great communication skills, you also need to be proficient with the latest technology.  You will be working closely with an attorney or attorneys, plus support staff.  You need to be able communicate clearly and effectively to everyone around you, including clients and witnesses.  When it comes to technology, you not only need to know your way around computers and software, but also programs such as Westlaw.

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