Scrap Carbide: On Savings and Saving the World

Have carbide bits and sludge at work? If you aren’t getting anything out of those scrap carbide inserts, you can unload them in the best possible way: by selling them off. It doesn’t matter what kind you have, whether it’s coated or uncoated, end mills or drills, rolls or dies, or even wear parts, compacts, molds, saw tips, and more. Whatever sort of scrap cutting tools you have made out of carbide, don’t just toss them away. It’s time to put them to good use again.

Sell Them

There are plenty of companies offering to buy back your scrap at a great cost. Check out sites likes Hemly Tool to see what kind of scrap carbide prices are in store for you. If you have coated or uncoated carbide inserts as well as other forms of solid carbide tools, then go ahead and send these off as well. If you aren’t doing anything with them, then you might as well get something out of them by selling them off instead of allowing the scraps to gather dust in a corner. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You wouldn’t want to send it someplace else.


Cutting tools made out of tungsten carbide are notoriously impervious to heat as well as wear and tear. That’s why they’re valuable even when they’re in the form of scraps. These days, companies are reclaiming tungsten carbide from scraps. It’s an eco-friendly practice. Not only do you get to swap your scrap for cash, but you’re also reducing the impact of the scrap on the environment. That’s a win-win for both sides. Also, tungsten is a valuable material and often frightfully expensive. It makes sense to reclaim tungsten carbide from scraps for companies to lower their costs.

If you have scraps that aren’t doing you any world of good these days, gather them all and swap them for cash instead.

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