Standard Shapes Of Stock Aluminum Extrusions

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Aluminum

There are many different shapes available in stock aluminum extrusions for a wide range of different applications and uses. These shapes or profiles come in different sizes and in different alloys which are ideal for different industries and manufacturing options.

Understanding what is available in stock aluminum extrusions is helpful if you are developing or designing a new product but also if you are retrofitting older equipment where parts are no longer available.

The most common types of stock aluminum extrusions include the following. These may also be made to order for specifications outside of what would be considered standard.


Angles are stock aluminum extrusions which can be used in many different types of finishing and manufacturing. It can be used as trim on trailers, heavy vehicles, boats, medical equipment or in many different types of manufacturing.

Angles can be designed to be equal, such as a 90-degree angle with both legs equal in length, or they can be designed to be unequal with one leg longer than the other.


Channels are used in all types of fabrication. They can be found in vehicle manufacturing, with trailers, as frame pieces or braces as well as for edging where high impact from more than one direction is a concern.

As with all stock aluminum extrusions, there are many alloys available in all these shapes, including with channels of all sizes.

Bar and Rod

Bar and rod are available in many different shapes. Common options include square and rectangular bar or rectangular bar with full round ends. This creates an elongated oval shape when seen in cross section.

Rod comes in a range of different diameters. These bars and rods are used as braces, supports and framing materials as well as for shafts and even for trim. It is also commonly used for ornamental purposes.

Tees, Zees and I-Beams

Zees, tees, and I-beams are self-explanatory with regards to their shape. They are used in various construction and fabrication uses and are some of the most common stock aluminum extrusions sold both as large volume orders as well as through small custom orders.

Custom Extrusions

Custom extrusions can go beyond what is available in stock aluminum extrusions. They can have detailed profiles and shapes and can be designed using die with piercings and pins to create just the internal or external profile required.

Typically an engineer will be involved in creating the die for the custom extrusion. It can also start with a die used for stock aluminum extrusions and include the modifications to create the unique shape.

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