Protect Your Investment with Corner Guards

When busy employees are tending to their work accidents happen, and carts, trays, charts and equipment are shoved into corners causing crumbling and holes. In your doorways, hallways, closets or any space where there is a lot of traffic, corners take the brunt of the beatings from collisions and bumping with equipment or storage items. If those dents and holes in the corners are left unattended the damage to that corner will spread to the walls on either side, and it won’t take long before extensive repairs are required.

Battered Corners

Battered corners are unattractive, and costly to repair. However, there is a way to protect your corners and walls from unsightly damage, and save yourself the high costs of repair. Designed to protect your walls from impact, corner guards will keep your walls attractive and ensure a long life.


Corner guards are designed to prevent the corners of your walls from damage and abuse. They are a practical and a low cost way to guard the integrity of your interior, and keep your walls looking fresh and new. The corner guard is designed to take the impact much like the bumper on a vehicle saving your expensive drywall, plaster or paneling from harm.

Surface Mounted Guards

There are two types of corner guards, recessed and surface mounted. Surface mounted guards are placed on the walls after the drywall or other material is finished. They are mounted right onto the walls with adhesives or screws, and they are available with or without vinyl coverings. The guards are attractive with or without the vinyl, but the vinyl coverings are available to match any interior design.

Recessed Guards

Recessed guards penetrate the wall, and they are installed when the wall is put in place. The recessed guards are only used during renovations and new construction. Recessed guards may require a fire rating depending on the choice of wall materials and construction.

The most vulnerable areas of your walls are its corners, and a recessed or a surface mounted corner guard will protect your investment and keep your environment looking new and fresh. They are that ounce prevention that offers a low cost and easy solution to a persistent problem that is almost impossible to avoid.

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