How to Pack Basic Items When Working With a Moving Company in Tulsa, OK

When it’s time to move, the thought of packing up every single little item of your house and taking it to your new home can be overwhelming. Every book, every fork, every toy, every important file must go—and oftentimes, homeowners find themselves racing against the clock to get the job done before their new jobs start or before school begins, for example. A few tips may help you to pack some of your most important everyday items, such as China and shoes, both quickly and efficiently when working with a moving company in Tulsa, OK.

China or Glassware
When you have glassware or china to pack in preparation for a move, it’s best to use a dish pack, which may be available through a moving company. Tulsa, OK companies, recommend this item because it is an extremely durable corrugated carton featuring a double-wall construction. It is designed specifically for fragile items whose size is under 18 inches. You can also simply wrap each item individually and transport them in a box featuring cushioning material.

It may be easy to toss all of your shoes in a box simply when you’re rushing to get everything packed for your move. However, this only increases your shoes’ risk of being damaged. It also makes it more challenging to unpack your shoes when you get to your new house. To pack shoes effectively, take any shoes that are still in boxes and place them on the bottom of the box you have designated for shoes. Then, place other shoes on top of this shoe-box layer, and finally, lay any of your boots flat on the top.

Other Shoe Tips
Keep in mind that your shoes have the potential to become moldy if you don’t prep and pack them appropriately. Air out any leather athletic as well as work shoes before you pack. You can even put powder on the insides of your shoes to make sure your shoes are moisture free. In addition, if you have dress shoes, wrap these shoes in some tissue paper. This will shield your shoes’ ornaments and patent finishes from damage. By following these tips, you boost your chances of keeping your belongings in the best position possible during your big move.

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