Safety Guidelines for Using Pontoons in Destin Florida

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Water Sports

Do you want to explore the pristine waters of Destin, Florida? Then rent a pontoon from a local company. This floating structure will enable you to participate in water sports, swim, picnic, sunbathe and relax as you move through the ocean waters. The spacious platforms allow many occupants to be on this structure at the same time. Like any other type of recreational activity, caution should be taken to protect passengers of the pontoon. Use the following safety guidelines when using a pontoon.

Before you rent a pontoon, ensure that you know how to operate it properly. You can read the owner’s manual for starters. There are classes available for people who want to learn to operate a pontoon. Many rental companies will offer instruction on pontoon operation. Boating safety should be included in any instruction you receive. Pay close attention to safety labels on the pontoon. These labels have classifications according to their degree of hazard. The labels will usually be colored and have an explanation on them. A “danger” label indicates an immediate danger that will result in death or injury. A “warning” label denotes a hazard that could result in the death or person injury of one or more passengers. Other labels provide their designations and explanations in a similar manner.

Any passenger that participates in water sports should know how to swim proficiently. Even if a person is a good swimmer, all passengers should wear a personal flotation device approved by the U. S. Coast Guard. Ensure that all safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and life-saving devices are in clear view. Access to them should be unhindered and they should be in good working condition. Never carry more people on the pontoon than is allowed. Operating over capacity can put all passengers at risk. Ensure that the company knows exactly where you are going and when you expect to return. In case there is an emergency, first responders will know where to find you.

People rent Destin Florida Pontoons to explore and have fun in the sun. You can do this while adhering to practical safety tips and state-mandated laws. For more information on pontoon rentals, please visit Xtreme H20.

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