The Benefits of Termite Tenting in San Diego

There are situations in which termite infestations are so extensive that there is only one way to get rid of the problem. That strategy is typically known as termite tenting in San Diego. An essential part of the fumigation process, there are several advantages that are associated with this approach. Here are some of the reasons why tenting makes a lot of sense.Understanding the BasicsTermite Tenting in San Diego involves enveloping the entire house in some type of material that is completely sealed. In many cases, nylon is used for this purpose. The sealing process makes it possible to then release gas that is able to permeate every part of the structure and kill off the infestation. When the work is completed, the gas is removed, the seal broken, and it is safe for the homeowner to once again enter the premises. Protecting Others in the AreaGiven the nature of the gas used as part of the fumigation process, tenting helps to eliminate exposure to others who happen to be nearby. The gas is contained in the home and is in such a concentrated form that the termites have nowhere to go in order to get away from it. At the same time, no one outside the barrier will be exposed to the gas, and no one will become ill as a result. A Thorough ExterminationWhile spot treatments will work in some cases, an infestation that is especially severe cannot be contained using that approach.

The secure atmosphere created by the tenting is the only way to ensure that the termites are eliminated. By killing off all the worker termites, any eggs that hatch at a later date will result in nymphs that cannot survive, effectively bringing the problem to an end. For people who suspect that they have termites in the house, it pays to contact a professional pest control service. A team of experts can inspect the home, determine the nature and the severity of the infestation, and then discuss different types of treatment with the owner. Once a decision is made on what treatment to use, it is possible to make preparations in advance, and ensure that the pest problem does come to an end.

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