Proper Tree Pruning in Queens County, NY

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Tree Services

Tree pruning is the removal of branches and buds, sometimes even roots, to improve the health and growth of the tree. This can be done to improve safety by eliminating damaged or diseased branches. It helps to reduce the risk to yards and homes from branches falling during a storm. Fruit trees can be pruned to help increase their fruit yield and buses and plants are pruned to help them achieve a specific shape.

In some cases a valuable or particularly healthy tree or other vegetation will be pruned to create new branches or plants which can be harvested in a greenhouse or transplanted elsewhere in the yard it originally came from.

This is not something which anyone can do because often the branches or vegetation which need to be pruned are not obvious to the layperson. In these instances it can be possible to actually damage or even kill the tree or bush by removing too much, especially if you are attempting to remove roots.

Tree Pruning In Queens County NY can be done seasonally or as needed. It is just one of the many different steps in yard care which are necessary to keep your landscape the beautiful asset to your home which you need it to be. It is also the most important step to reducing damage to your home and vehicles and risk to those enjoying the yard.

How frequently you will need to hire tree pruning in Queens County NY will depend on a number of things. The age of your trees and bushes, the number of both you have in your yard and how healthy all of the vegetation is in your yard will all play a role.

Generally, experts recommend pruning your bushes to keep them shaped and trimmed neatly at least once a year, generally in the winter. Most trees will only need to be pruned if they are damaged or diseased, but some home owners prefer their trees also be shaped. These services should also be done in either winter or early spring before the buds have begun to grow.

Contact an arborist to set up a schedule and to have all of your trees inspected to ensure they are as healthy as they appear to be. If you have visible damage on branches, have someone come immediately to see if it can be repaired or will need to be removed.

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