Experience the Thrill and Adventure of Water Ski Tubes

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Water Sports

Sunbathing on the beach, taking a swim in the afternoon, or paddling about on an inflatable raft or stand-up paddleboard is all fine, relaxing things to do on a lakeside vacation. For people who prefer adventure to napping when they are away from home, slather on some waterproof sunscreen, strap on a life vest, and head out on water ski tubes pulled behind a motorboat.

Water Ski Tubes Explained

Most people who love fun in the sun have seen water skiers zooming around a lake or other body of water behind a speedboat. These tubes offer the same thrills without the need for any special skills or experience. After securing the tub to the boat with a regular ski line, riders can climb on and grab hold of the handles so they do not fly off with the first burst of speed. Soon they will be sliding and skipping over the water, bouncing over waves and wakes, and having an amazing time.

Anytime high speeds and water are involved, some people may have safety concerns. The water tow-behinds are manufactured to exacting standards of quality. There are no sharp edges, no chance of becoming tangled in dangling straps, and setting up the tube attachment to a boat is simple and intuitive. Of course, life vests should always be worn when using these recreation devices.

Options For Inflatable Recreation Tubes

These inflatable products come in every shape from regular circles like old inner tubes to comfortable seats, tubes, and platforms with convenient handles. Ride alone or with others. There are even ones that hold twelve people at one time. For the larger inflatables, it is important to balance the riders evenly to prevent tipping over and spoiling the fun.

Since 2010, WOW World of Watersports has offered a wide selection of water ski tubes, inflatable toys, river floats for one or a group, and associated equipment. They bring life to a day at the lake, a pool party, or a lazy afternoon on the river. Their attention to quality and safety has set them as an industry leader in the water sports and recreation industries.

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