How Employee Screening Can Save You Money

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Business

Smart business means finding out what works, and what does not work and making choices to improve upcoming budgets. Onboarding can be expensive, and many companies spend large amounts of money on both the hiring and onboarding processes. However, using security clearance solutions through an experienced and reputable firm can be a profitable decision.

Why Onboarding is Expensive

Onboarding and hiring costs may include things such as advertising for the position and the time it takes for interviewing candidates. Background screening costs as well as taking time to train once they are hired. The entire process can be costly in terms of the productivity lost during the process. Hiring becomes an expensive investment for most businesses.

Cost of Drug Use and Abuse

Not pre-screening employees is just as costly. There are higher expenses for healthcare, numerous worker’s compensation claims and a general loss of productivity. Calculating losses due to drug use or abuse also includes a loss of productivity and more frequent absenteeism. Drug use also leads to a much higher risk of employee errors.

Cost of Fraud

Drug use and abuse can contribute to fraud. The business may suffer financially because of damage to its reputation and closed accounts that occur as a result. Production can be affected by fraud investigations. And there may be astronomical costs involved in securing legal representation due to fraudulent activity.

Reducing Risks with Security Clearance Solutions

By outsourcing security clearance solutions, much of the risks can be reduced. When comparing the cost of background checks and pre-screening to expenses incurred by the abuse of drugs in the workplace, it is a small price to pay. Every new hire is an investment. Going through a company or firm for security clearance solutions can ultimately save a business quite a bit financially.

If you are ready to save money by hiring a firm to conduct security clearance and employee pre-screening, visit Innovative Employee Solutions.

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