Different Choices of Inflatable Water Toys

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Water Sports

Spending a weekend out on the water is one of the best ways to spend your time off work. People all over the country spend their weekends and summer vacations on the water. If you spend a lot of time on the water, or if you plan to in the future, you should look into buying some water toys. Floating down a river, a lake, or even your own pool is incredibly enjoyable. Inflatable water toys come in several different varieties.


Tubes are one of the most common and most sought after toys for the water. A towable tube is an inflatable structure that holds a few people and is towed behind a boat or a jet ski. There are single-person tubes that allow one person to ski across the water while holding the handles. There are also larger tubes that allow many people to relax and enjoy themselves on the water. Whether you want something relaxing or something exciting, a tube can deliver. If you don’t have a boat to pull your tube, you might want something else.

Floating Island

A floating island is a type of structure that has been gaining popularity in many different circles. Floating islands are inflatable water toys that allow you and your loved ones to sit around on the water as if you were sitting at a table. Typically, they are one big inflatable that has several seats with a table at the center. You can eat, drink, and play games while floating on the water.


The lounge is probably the most common kind of inflatable. These are inflatable chairs that allow you to sit in a pool or lake and float around. They’re found at just about every pool or lake party. If you are looking for an affordable inflatable, a lounge is a great option.

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