Try a Variety of Floating Tubes to Experience More Fun on the Water

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Water Sports

Do you think all floating tubes are all the same? WOW Watersports can prove there is variety, fun and excitement in every type of inflatable device they offer. Choose from a wide selection of floating tubes, each with specific designs and functions all geared for safe fun on the water. It is important to note that following safety guidelines from the manufacturer is necessary. This ensures that no matter where you are using floating tubes they are being used safely.

Lounge on the Water

Get ready to relax, break out the cool drinks and truly enjoy your time on the water in a big lounge that keeps you bobbing along the water surface with ease. You can find unique water lounger designs that set you apart from the rest whether you choose comfort or fun. Stick out on the water and show your amusing personality with a floating tube that ergonomically fits your shape and leaves you sitting comfortably. Loungers with backrests, cupholders and extended leg rests are the perfect way to spend your time on the water.

Make Room for Everyone

When you’re interested in having fun grab an inflatable mat that can also be used as a walkway. Zip them together and connect as many as you like to make walkways or a gigantic floating island where everyone can have fun together. Such inflatable designs can be inflated as well as deflated within five minutes. They are compact and easy to store on a boat or in the trunk when not in use.

Party on the Water with Your Own Floating Island

Make your next party a huge success with a 12-foot island that makes floating on the lake a blast. Up to 10 people can sit on one of 8 floating tubes around the island diameter. A central deck is also perfect for relaxing. Be sure to offer everyone cool drinks using two built-in coolers that keep all of your beverages cold in the heat. Stick those drinks in 8 recessed cupholders too and let the fun begin for everyone!

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