Important Information on Bed Bug Prevention and Control

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Pest Control

In the world of insect pests, bed bugs are typically viewed as one of the most frightening. These vampirish insects can cause irritating bites that swell and itch. Since they bite their victim and drink their blood, most people are eager to get rid of any of these bugs they may have in their home. Through this information, you will learn more about Bed Bugs Prevention and control so you can protect your family and your home.

Bed bugs are often picked up when a person travels. They are notorious for being found in hotel rooms, causing many people to be leery of travel. Bed bugs can come in the home through luggage or items purchased in yard sales. Often living in the casing of mattresses, these tiny bugs can be difficult to spot.

There are some signs homeowners can look for to know they have a bed bug problem. These include:

* Smears of blood may be present on the sheets or mattress. Bed bugs often over-feed and regurgitate blood from their victims.

* Tiny dark spots may be found on mattresses and bedding. This is the waste product of bed bugs. If wiped with a wet cloth, this matter may smear red.

* Homeowners may also notice shed yellow shells and tiny eggs.

* Obviously, seeing live bed bugs is sure sign of a bed bug problem. Most people are only able to see them through using bait stations that trap the bugs.

* Though some people only notice the problem when they have bites, this is not always a good indicator, since many bugs can bite in the home. Bed bugs will typically bite in rows, usually in a zigzag pattern.

Getting rid of bed bugs takes a concerted effort and is not recommended for people who are not fully trained. It is best to hire a professional to deal with Bed Bugs Prevention and control so the problem can be properly taken care of.

If you have noticed any of these signs of bed bug problems, contact AAA Exterminating. Schedule an appointment for them to come out and inspect your home and take care of any bed bug issues you have.

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