Knowing How Mold Remediation in Berkeley Works

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Home Improvement

The unique environment of the Berkeley area presents an opportunity for mold to grow. So if you discover the fungi have invaded your home or office what do you do? Hey, the answer is easy. Find a professional that deals in mold remediation in Berkeley. Mold is a scary health hazard that can lurk without you having the slightest idea it is there. Having the peace of mind a certified professional can offer is important.

Dangerous For Everyone

Mold can affect everyone in the home or office. Even pets can be victims of the many health issues mold can cause. A pro that specializes in mold remediation in Berkeley will know how to identify the fungi, but also how to effectively test and remove it. There are many problems that are caused by mold including the odors they leave behind.

Many people think removing mold is as simple as grabbing some bleach and then scrubbing the problem away. But it’s not that simple. Plus, it’s not safe to be using dangerous chemicals such as bleach on your own. Certified pros that offer mold remediation in Berkeley have the training to safely remove mold from your home or office.

Finding its Home

They also know where mold likes to live and completely remove the health threading fungi. They have equipment that is designed to make the job easy along with the training to do it right. Areas like air conditioning drains can be the source of huge spore’s populations. They are also difficult to clean. A pro is used to dealing with these situations. He will know the best course of action to take.

When removing the mold, a professional will know how to do so safely and not contaminate the rest of the environment. They also are trained to dispose of it properly so it’s not just moved from one place to another. They have the proper safety equipment to protect themselves from the mold they are removing.  They also know the best techniques for getting rid of the mold.

Different Techniques

There are different cleaning techniques. Dry brushing is used for ducts that produce the materials spores feed on. Dry brushing requires no chemical but it does require safety equipment. Dry ice blasting is another technique. Many companies use this method to clean mold from wood or cement surfaces. Media blasting is another form that encapsulates the mold for removal.

Vacuuming is where a wet-vac is used to remove spores from wet areas such as carpets. For non-porous surfaces damp wipes are the preferred method of cleaning spores. HEPA vacuuming is where the mold is vacuumed and run thorough a HEPA filter. This catches the spores and makes disposal easy.

Just knowing how many types of cleanup methods there are is enough to make the job one for a professional. It requires training along with proper safety wear. So when seeking mold remediation in Berkeley, look to a trained professional for the answers to your mold problem.

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