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by | Oct 30, 2015 | Pest Control

Although some bees are solitary, most live in colonies. Colonies can mean big trouble, leading to the need for Bee Removal in Scottsdale. Many people are stung each year by bees, and some bees can damage property, such as by burrowing into the wood walls of a house. Although a single bee sting is not serious unless the person who is stung is allergic to the venom, stings from a lot of bees can be dangerous. It is important to have a pest control service remove bees from a yard or home before any harm comes to people or property.

Bee Behavior

Bees are drawn to pollen and nectar, such as from flowers, and are also drawn to sweet foods like fruit and ice cream. Bees that live in colonies build hives that can contain thousands of bees or more. Problems with bees tend to arise when bees build a hive near a home. Common places for bees to build hives include holes in the ground, trees, bird houses, and under sheds. Sometimes, bees even build nests in a part of a house, such as in an attic. When someone accidentally encounters bees or gets near a hive, the bees may become aggressive and sting. This can especially be a concern with children and pets who may not understand the situation.

Bee Swarms

Swarms occur when a bee colony is traveling to another place to build a new hive. Any swarm can be dangerous due to the number of bees, but a swarm is most dangerous when it involves Africanized honey bees. Africanized honey bees are notoriously aggressive and more likely to sting than other bees. A bee swarm in a yard needs to be dealt with immediately, not only so that the bees don’t have a chance to sting any people or pets, but also to prevent them from establishing a hive when that’s the reason they’ve come to a particular area.

The best way to handle any bee problem, whether a hive or a swarm, is to call a pest control service. Pest control experts are prepared to deal with large numbers of bees using the proper equipment and the best removal techniques. To get bee removal in Scottsdale, contact Cummings Pest Control.

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