From Automotive Parts in Minneapolis Suppliers: How to Change a Flat Tire

Being stranded on the roadside because of a flat tire is not only frustrating, but also risky. Make sure you are well equipped in case of a flat tire. You should have a spare tire, warning devices, a jack, tire tools, flash light and wheel chocks. Here is some advice from dealers in Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN on steps to follow when changing a tire.

Put on the hazard lights, then find a safe place to park. Along a flat, paved area is best because parking on grass or dirt may cause instability as your jack may sink. Muddy areas may also cause your car to fall off the jack.

In case the area is busy with traffic, put out any other warning signs around your vehicle so that other drivers can be warned. Ensure that the engine is turned off, then place wheel chocks or rocks behind the wheels opposite the side you are going to raise.

Take out your jack, tire and tools, but in case you have never used them, check with the car’s manual. Loosen the nuts using a lug wrench before jacking your car up. After loosening them, jack up the car, but consult the reader’s manual on the best position to place the jack if you do not know. Jack up your car at least six inches high or as high as needed for the tire’s removal.

You can now remove the loosened nuts. Make sure you do not misplace them. Put them at a safe and easy to remember the place. Remove the flat tire slowly with both hands towards you, and put it under the car in case the jack becomes unstable.

Take the spare tire and align it with the wheel’s bolts then slide it in. Put on the lug nuts in a clockwise direction. Slightly tighten them with a wrench using the preferred 4 or 5 sequences that you can find in your manual. Lower the car and again tighten the nuts more but in the correct sequence.

With the above information, you no longer have to feel helpless when you get a flat tire. For more information on Automotive Parts in Minneapolis MN, watch video on youtube. Contact Pioneer Rim & Wheel for more info.

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