Selecting the Right Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin

Trailer Jacks in Wisconsin can help you raise the tongue of the trailer off of the hitch ball, and it can also help you raise the trailer up high enough to be hitched. Trailer jacks simplify the hitching and unhitching process, and they can keep your trailer level when things shift around inside. A good set of jacks from Pioneer Rim and Wheel can help your trailer feel more stable rather than temporary. Here, we will discuss a few trailer jack options.

A-Frame Jacks

An A-frame trailer coupler is intended to be used as a jack mounting points. Any coupler that fits over the frame rail joint will have a hole designed for a jack post. Regardless of the manufacturer from whom you buy, the bolt holes on the couplers are standardized -; making it easy to use jacks from other brands.

Round Tube A-Frame Jacks

These round tube jacks are available in weight ratings of up to 2.5 tons. Side-winding jacks are usually rated for up to 2000 pounds, but some are reinforced to handle up to 5000 lbs.

Standard Jacks

If you want a jack that bolts directly onto the frame rails, they’re great for light use. For industrial and construction usage, it’s best to get heavy duty jacks that weld into place. These jacks can support an enormous amount of weight, but their simple design still allows for hand cranking.

Need More Height? Consider Using Drop Legs

For square-tube, large capacity trailer jacks, drop legs can be attached. Drop legs serve as stilts, increasing the jack’s usable height. Just line up the holes on your jack with the correct set on the drop leg, and use pins for security.

Using Secondary Jacks for Stability

A scissor jack balances the lifted load, using a threaded bolt to raise both sides at the same rate. These jacks are useful when a camper or trailer’s center or corner needs an extra boost because of uneven ground. Some scissor jacks have electric motors, and can easily and quietly be adjusted.

Whether you need a simple, lightweight jack for a light-duty trailer, an electric jack to support your large travel trailer, or a set of stabilizers to level things out, there are many choices when it comes to trailer jacks. By learning about your options, you can easily find just what you need. Watch our video on Youtube for the right trailer jack.

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