Frequently Asked Questions About Wheel Bearings In Wisconsin

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Antiques and Collectibles

Even though wheel bearings are a small component of your automobile, they play an important role in its function. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about their function and the importance of buying quality wheel Bearings in Wisconsin.

Q.) What is the function of wheel bearings on an automobile?

A.) Wheel bearings are responsible for two main functions on an automobile. The rollers on the bearings enable the wheels to turn without restriction by acting as a padding between the wheel and the spindle. Wheel bearings also have the job of supporting the weight of your automobile.

Q.) What causes wheel bearings to wear out on a vehicle?

A.) Wheel bearings can wear out due to various reasons, but the main cause is due to a failed seal. The seal keeps the grease in the bearing and the dirt out. If the seal wears out, debris can enter the wheel bearing and cause it to malfunction. If water gets into the bearings, they can rust or corrode. If the bearings aren’t properly lubricated, this will also cause them to wear out prematurely. When the wheel bearings wear out on a vehicle, this causes problems with the rotation of the wheels, the function of the brakes, and the steering.

Q.) What are the signs of worn out wheel bearings?

A.) If you hear a rubbing sound coming from your wheel, and if the sound gets louder as you accelerate, this is due to a worn out wheel bearing. You may also feel a vibration coming from the suspension and your car may want to wander as you try to steer it. If a wheel bearing goes out while you’re driving your car, it can cause the wheel to come off your car or you could lose steering control. If you notice any of the above signs while driving your vehicle, contact a parts supplier to purchase new wheel Bearings in Wisconsin before driving your car becomes too dangerous.

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