The Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Straps With Municipal Signs And Signals

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Business & Society

Sometimes in life it seems that the little things that make the big things work are simply overlooked or completely missed. This is true for many things but it is very accurate when it comes to hanging municipal signs and signals. It is probably very true to say that, unless you were trying to place a bid to put up municipal signs and signals, you really never gave a thought to how they were attached to the poles.

Have You Stopped To Look?

If you did stop to look, or if you are planning on placing a bid, you quickly realize that most are attached with a variety of different options that typically include the use of stainless steel straps. These straps may be fairly wide, up to three quarters of an inch or more in width or as narrow as just three eights of an inch. You would probably also notice that different sizes of signs use different widths and thickness of straps to keep them secured in place.

Weather Resistance

One of the most important reasons to only use stainless steel straps for municipal signs and signals is the natural durability of stainless over any other option. Stainless actually forms a natural layer on the surface that is rust and corrosion resistance. This layer occurs when the chromium in the steel mixture oxidizes and forms what is known as a passive layer of protection.

In addition, if for some reason that passive layer is scratched or removed, the exposed stainless steel will immediately react to oxygen and form a new passive layer, virtually preventing any further damage. Other metals don’t do this allowing rust to develop where that passive film is damaged.

Rain, snow, ice and even debris in the wind will not harm the integrity of the stainless steel straps holding up the signs and signals. This means that not only does the sign stay securely in place for years but there is no rusting, streaking or dulling of the look of the band, keeping the poles in great shape and cutting down on the need for repair and replacement over time.

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