Flood Damage in Colorado Springs: Saving Your Flooring

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Roofing & Restoration

When your home is flooded, it’s common to think that the interior of your home is a total loss. Fortunately, even with the most significant flooding, there are things that can be done to salvage many of your interior surfaces. However, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a quality restoration company. Secondly, you want to make sure that company can respond as quickly as possible. The faster the company responds, the better your chances are of saving money when it comes time to repair Flood Damage in Colorado Springs.

One area that flood damage companies can do wonders on are flooring surfaces. Even if the home has been inundated with water and the flooring materials are submerged between a few inches or a few feet of water, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost. For example, carpeting will absorb a great deal of moisture. Even when the standing water is removed, an excessive amount of water can be retained in the carpet fibers, as well as the carpet padding.
With quality carpet cleaning and suction equipment, even the most significant amount of moisture can be extracted from carpets as well as the padding. In addition, with the use of dehumidifiers and strategically placed fans, any excess moisture not taken out by the carpet cleaning equipment can be effectively dried.

The truth is that the same goes for wood floors. When wood floors take in a great deal of moisture, the wood flooring can begin to swell and this can cause cracks and bowing of the floors. This may lead you to believe that the only thing left to do is to tear out the old floor and put in a new one. Fortunately, removing standing water off of wood floors is going to help greatly. In addition, moisture evaporators and dehumidifiers can actually take moisture out of the wood flooring. This causes the wood to shrink back to normal size and avoids any structural issues with the wood flooring.

As you can see, Flood Damage in Colorado Springs doesn’t have to mean automatically replacing your flooring materials. If you want to know what a quality flood damage company can do in these situations, you can go online and visit Sitename for more information.

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