Steps Taken in Industrial Roof Restoration

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Roofing & Restoration

The process of restoration in an industrial historic building is a big undertaking. The task is often to balance the old world look with ensuring the building’s integrity is intact. Part of this requires examining the integrity of the roof. The roof is often one of the most defining features of the look of the building. Restoration of such a roof can take several steps.

One of the steps of Industrial Roof Restoration is to examine the integrity of the roof for possible damage. This can be the most dangerous part of the process and requires a lot of safety equipment. Old roofs can hide a lot of damage underneath them. That is why a lot of safety gear is needed even on flat roofs. If the structure is compromised, then the safety of personal are the priority until the amount of damage can be determined.

The next step is the restoration process is to try to match up the roofing materials. Modern techniques can provide that aged look without destroying the integrity of the materials. In some cases, it may be impossible to retain the look. But materials can be selected and installed that reflect the time period of the building such as aged copper or weathered steel.

Installation is the next big step in the Industrial Roof Restoration process. Materials should be installed in such a manner that water drains and does not pool on the roof. This is often a problem in flat roof construction. Not all roofs were designed with a slope in them. So, modern techniques can be applied in the installation process that will help address water issues that may have happened in the original roof design. This can often be done without damaging the overall look of the roof.

Restoring an industrial roof is a difficult task that takes a lot of planning and addressing any issues that may happen occur because of neglect. Safety is also a priority of ensuring a safe restoration. If you have any questions about the process, contact Roofing Solutions LLC for more information on restoring industrial roofs.

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