A Wood Burning Fireplace for the Traditionalist and Romantic

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Business

Everyone has been drawn in by the thought of spending a cold, snowy day or night by the fireplace. The crackle, the glow, the warmth – being curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea or relaxing by the light of the fire can turn anyone’s heart soft. A wood burning fireplace adds value to a home, and adds memories to a family’s life in that house.

Warmth and Ambience
Most people want a fireplace in their home for the warmth it generates and the ambience it creates. A wood burning fireplace is the ultimate in ambience creations. You’ll hear the crackling of the logs, the pop of the sparks, feel the warmth of the fire and see the glow that illuminates the room. There’s something about a wood burning fireplace that sets a mood of relaxation and contentment.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces
If you live in a home with no masonry chimney and think you can’t have a fireplace, think again! You can still have a fireplace installed. A zero clearance wood fireplace can be placed right up against a wall and a prefabricated chimney can be put into place. Imagine a fireplace just about anywhere you want it in your home. Some of these fireplaces even come with much appreciated features like an ash drawer. No more sweeping and bagging ashes after every use. The drawer will catch the ashes so you can easily discard them.

Zone Heating
If your home is zoned, a fireplace can add to your savings. You may already have experienced the monetary benefits of having your home configured with zone heating. You’ve turned heat down in rooms that aren’t being used and your energy bill has been lower. Use your fireplace and you can lower your heat in zones you spend the most time in – your living areas. The heat generated by your fireplace will warm your home and allow you to save even more.

Get Ready
Get ready for the cold winter months by doing your research to find the best fireplace for your home now. The size, style and types of accessories and trims are all up to you. Look around your home and imagine how a fireplace would enhance its look and feel.

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