Points to Consider when Evaluating Dog Daycare Services in Chicago

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Dogs

Pet owners often fret about the time that their pets have to spend alone during the day. When an owner works long hours, it does help for the pet to be cared for by others. This can lead to the decision to look into different Dog Daycare Services Chicago. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing different services. The Experience and Training of the StaffBegin the search for the right service by qualifying the credentials that the staff brings to the table.

How many years of practical experience do they have in taking care of different breeds? Are there personnel on site that are trained in basic obedience work, and who also have the skill sets to take care of older pets who may have special needs? If the pet owner likes what he or she finds out, then that facility is worth investigating further. The FacilitiesA tour of the facilities operated by those Dog Daycare Services in Chicago is a must.

The goal is for the owner to develop a good understanding of the environment in which the family pet will spend those hours each day. Pay close attention to the types of open areas that are available for the dog to run and play. Notice how the staff interacts with the animals, and ask plenty of questions about how the staff manages issues like giving medication to pets during their stay.

The CostWhile the goal is to make sure the pet is cared for properly when the owner is not around, it does pay to look into the overall expense involved. Be sure to ask about additional charges that may relate to overnight boarding, grooming services, or even fees that are incurred when the pet is not picked up by a certain time of day. This will make it all the easier to determine which facility offers the best combination of services and cost. For pet owners who want to make sure their pets have the best care, contact the team at the Chicago Canine Academy. After learning more about the facilities and the level of care provided by the staff, there is a good chance that the owner will decide this is the ideal place for a beloved pet to spend the day.

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