When You’ve Suffering From Whiplash In Ferguson, Seek Non Drug Treatment

Are you tired of going to the hospital or doctors and being handed a prescription for pills without investigating the cause of the problem? Have you recently suffered from Whiplash in Ferguson? If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions, seek the care of chiropractor to ease your discomfort and pain. Chiropractors offer relief without the use of pills to mask the pain. They use the natural healing power of your body to eliminate the pain in your body due to misalignment of your spine or neck.

Whiplash normally occurs from rear-impact accidents. Depending on the position you’re in during an accident, whiplash can also be suffered from a side or front impact. During an injury suffered from Whiplash in Ferguson, the neck is hyper-extended from the initial impact. The neck can be extended very far and them slam back into the normal position it’s supposed to be. When this happens, discs that are made of a gel substance that separates the vertebrae and keep them separated can be flattened. Then can also be slid out of place. When this happens, nerve irritation can occur within a day.

Whiplash symptoms can be a stiff neck, severe headaches and even dizziness. Muscle relaxers and pain pills will only mask the pain but will not correct the actual cause of the symptoms. A chiropractor will give you a free assessment of your spine and neck health. They can offer soothing hot packs and electrode stimulation to relax your muscles. They can also offer manual adjustments of your spine or neck which are not painful. These manipulations will put your vertebra back into place. Once the vertebra and disc are returned to their normal position over one or several appointments, the nerve that had been irritated will begin to calm down and your body will begin to heal itself.

A band-aid on an open heart surgery wound isn’t going to help the wound and neither is taking pills to mask the pain from whiplash. If you’re interested in using your body’s own natural healing ability, check into Stlchiropractors.net for the various options available to you.

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